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Microsoft Support for SQL 2012

Microsoft support for SQL Server 2012, including security updates, ended in July 2022.

If your environment is running SQL Server 2012 and have not migrated to Azure, you are exposed to security risks and compliance concerns.

Here are a couple of ways that can help you plan out your migration to Azure to receive 3 more years of free extended security updates:

  1. Perform an inventory assessment and identify all of the SQL Server 2012 in the environment, in addition to any other applications and/or dependencies. You want to ensure data portability and interoperability.

  2. Leverage Azure Pricing Calculator to create a cost estimate. Be sure to include backup and usage costs!

  3. Identify user access and workflow with your applications and plan for new user access and workflow after migration.

  4. Create a migration plan that revolves around security and governance to avoid attacks and keep Azure costs in line.

  5. Define roles and responsibilities in the organization and empower your staff to learn Azure.

  6. After migration, monitor SQL and application performance. Tighten down the unused resources to get cost savings!

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